Como Srl

We are present in the touristic landscape of the Province of Trapani for over 18 years for the promotion of the territory after having masterfully renovated a villa in the old town creating "Cialoma Residences" with 8 mini apartments, having built the "Opera Suite" B & Rooms with bathroom in the room, having "Villa Gaudi" luxury residence in the territory of scopello, having established the "Autocomo" service of 35 cars for hire.

Boosted by the desire to offer a new service tailored to the needs of customers who asked for it, we entered the nautical world by detecting a company in the sector for 40 years acquiring all the boats and inflatable boats to let the sea know the wonderful coast from Castellammare del Golfo Arrives at the famous Zingaro Reserve with its beautifully renowned Crystal Clear Caves all over the world.

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Why choose us?

We always give the best in Boat and Inflatable Rental Services and during all the Excursions we take on the coast from Castellammare del Golfo to San Vito Lo Capo passing through Scopello and the renowned Zingaro Nature Reserve.

A quality that every tourist deserves to make the most of the services that he asks us throughout his stay in our area.

For over 18 years we have been offering tourist services in the province of Trapani with great serenity, always rewarded with thanks and gratitude of tourists who choose us and our accommodations to spend their holidays.

A commitment we strive to keep constant from ever and that we want to make it more and more complete and competitive for all our tourists.

It's not enough to be present at Castellammare del Golfo and offer a new Boat, Inflatable and Excursion Rental service across the Costa to consider experts in the field and ensure their Professionalism and Competence.

We at Como Srl for over 18 years have been offering Vacancy Services for Tourists with Cialoma Residences, Opera Suite and Villa Gaudi and a Car Rental Service that is now enriched with Boat and Inflatable Rental.